Bollwrks invented KeySAR technology is shown in figure [A1]. Data may be accessed from the the trusted and highly secured environment as described in the End-to-Display Encryption (E2DE).  The E2DE-Receiver is extended by a so called KeySAR handler component. It receives a randomized one-time pad within the graphics stream (1-5). The E2DE receiver fetches the one-time-pad from the received graphics and forwards it to the KeySAR handler. Each input from the users keyboard goes directly into the KeySAR handler and is encrypted using the latest received one-time-pad (7). Therafter the encrypted input is transfered via the data processing pc to the secure environment. This decrypts the input using the known one-time-pad and performs the requested operations (12). In the next frame the server changes the key to prevent static analysis. 

Scheme of the KeySAR technology