Vault 7 shows the need for End-to-Display Encryption

The latest Leaks from Wikileaks “Vault7” are a clear sign for us. In the leaks it is shown that the CIA does not only listen to the transmissions of data, which could be protected by End-to-End Encryption (E2EE), but targets the host devices of communication and listens in to the data before it gets encrypted.

Technically, this scenario is no different from a Trojan, virus or worm attack done by cybercriminals. But the dimension, power and force behind these attacks are much greater given the expertise, money and infrastructure which the CIA and the US Government can provide.

This should be an alarming sign for all of us. Especially all the companies doing research and development. There are numerous reports of state-backed corporate espionage. With an intelligence agency like the CIA, with tools and infrastructure shown in the Leaks from Snowden and Wikileaks, and an aggressive economic policy, steps for the protection of data and knowledge have be improved.

The concept of protecting the data from Trojans and so forth is the basis for our End-to-Display Encryption (E2DE). Compared to the End-to-End Encryption, the transferred data is never visible to the computer itself. Therefor apps, Trojans, viruses and spyware cannot access the shown data. A special hardware installed between the Computer and the display. This hardware detects encrypted data, decrypts it for the user who authenticates via a smartcard with the system, and the decrypted data is shown on the display like nothing even happened. With our implementations for Citrix, Apache Webserver, and some more applications, we are able to encrypt a variety of data from the server to the user.

We are currently in the development of fixing one problem, which made the Vault 7 leaks more alarming, the attacks from the CIA on Android Smartphones. Our Solution is a hardware-enhanced security Module for the Moto Z. An Android Smartphone by Motorola, which is extendable with various Attachments. Our Attachment brings the End-to-Display Encryption to the Smartphone users. We call it Elysium, the land of peace, a peace of mind.

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Picture by Tiffany@unsplash