Why our technology is needed


There is almost no day without a new report about a security breach in a major company, which is only the tip of the iceberg. Even the german Bundestag will shut down his servers because that is the only defense left.

The estimations for the cybersecurity market are rising fast, which is definitly the right direction. But most companies don’t even know that they might be under attack or will become a valuable target for attackers. Other companies invest lots of money in systems which will help against some attacks, but are still useless against tailored-access attacks and the threat from within the company.

A bullet-proof vest is working as long as there is no armor piercing bullet involved.

We from bollwrk believe that unless we solve the problem from the attacker from within, no company anywhere will ever be safe. Off course you can shield yourself from the wast majority of attacks, which are automated botnets, but as soon as a big opponents sets his eyes on your companies most valuable treasure: your know-how, currently he will get it.

Further will no software ever stop software attacks, but our hardware will make them useless!

Here is a short list about some interesting reads about the current problems and the market concerning cybersecurity, Enjoy and give us a call later!