The latest Leaks from Wikileaks “Vault7” are a clear sign for us. In the leaks it is shown that the CIA does not only listen to the transmissions of data, which could be protected by End-to-End Encryption (E2EE), but targets the host devices of communication and listens in to the […]

Vault 7 shows the need for End-to-Display Encryption

Bollwrk wrote an article for the Springer ATZelectronic vol. 6/2016. Take a look to find out how E2DE and KeySAR may be used in automotive industry.

Bollwrk at ATZelectronic

Bollwrk presented the E2DE and the KeySAR technologies at the Markt&Technik Security Symposium 2016, Munich. The symposium is a well-known german congress focussing on the security of industry4.0 and internet of things in production facilities. Bollwrk used the chance to present their innovations and expanded their network by many global […]

Bollwrk at Markt&Technik Security Symposium 2016

Die in einer Studie der BITKOM präsentierten Bedrohungen Unternehmens-eigener Daten sind uns von bollwrk hinreichend bekannt. Seit Jahren versuchen wir ein Bewusstsein für die Gefahren der digitalen Datenaufbewahrung und der Probleme rein Software-basierter Schutztechnologien zu schaffen. In der Studie wurde die aktuelle Bedrohungslage eindrücklich in Zahlen hervorgehoben: 69 Prozent der […]

Bitkom Studie Industriespionage bestätigt Bollwrk

In this article by the computerworld a new scheme for extorsion is described. Data thieves threat to release the stolen data from a company into the wild unless they pay. But even if the company pays, there is no guarantee that the data will never be released anyway. This only […]

Don’t pay later, protect your data now

Like last year we will show our current proof-of-concept at IT-SA, the IT Security Expo, in Nuremberg. The expo takes place from 6.October to 8.October. If you want to visit us, feel free to email us for a ticket.    

IT-SA 2015

There is almost no day without a new report about a security breach in a major company, which is only the tip of the iceberg. Even the german Bundestag will shut down his servers because that is the only defense left. The estimations for the cybersecurity market are rising fast, […]

Why our technology is needed

Bollwrk will be at Silicon Valley Open Doors in June.